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Track maintenance, bottom maintenance can not be ignored
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       To do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment can maintain the good performance of the crawler crane equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, reduce the possibility of accidents in the operation of the crawler crane, so as to reduce the delay of work and obtain better economic benefits. First of all, we should have a deep and detailed understanding of the mechanical equipment used, carry out regular and irregular inspection in the daily operation process, make clear the deficiencies and design defects of the equipment, make a detailed analysis of the existing problems and defects, and determine the appropriate maintenance methods. Regular and proper maintenance is one of the conditions to keep crawler crane running healthily.

       The life of the track chain rail often depends on the tension of the track and whether the adjustment is reasonable, so the lower deflection of the upper track should be often checked. The inspection method is: first clean the track, put a wooden wedge on the top of the driven wheel, and then start the walking track to squeeze the wooden wedge. In this way, the lower end of the track is tensioned, and the upper part of the loose part is bent down. Use a ruler to measure the lower deflection. The normal deflection is generally 8 ~ 15mm.

       The crawler tensioning device is composed of oil cylinder, tensioning beam and tensioning spring. The tensioning method is: using a high-pressure oil gun to inject calcium grease into the oil cylinder from the oil nozzle, push the piston, and then push the driven wheel to move through the tensioning beam to realize the track tensioning. When relaxation is needed, slowly rotate the oil filling valve anticlockwise to loosen it, and the grease will be discharged from the oil discharge port. Note: if the left and right crawlers droop differently, the crawler will deviate.