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How to avoid derailment of excavator crawler chain and how to install it
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       Track installation

       The construction environment of the excavator itself is relatively bad. It is basically insulated from the flat land. It is common to encounter potholes and muddy roads. In addition, some machines are relatively old, so it is common to lose the chain!

       If the crawler of the excavator falls off, many drivers will adopt their own methods to install the crawler. However, if they are new beginners and Xiaobai, they will be in a panic. On one hand, there are excavators unable to walk, and on the other hand, urgent engineering work. How can we install the crawler with speed?

       First: use the bucket

       The use of bucket track installation is commonly used by drivers, but also a kind of faster speed, the starting hand is also relatively smooth. The difficulty is to grasp the good opportunity, accurate installation.

       ▊ 1) first of all, we need to remove the tightening cylinder and drain the grease to keep the track in a loose state, and then, according to the actual situation, make full use of the bucket and walking to cooperate with the installation.

       ▊ 2) if the crawler of the excavator is sliding outward, the crawler can be lifted to the position of the guide wheel with the bucket, and then the driving wheel can be rotated to install the track back to the original position.

       ▊ 3) if the track slides out of the track to the inside, the bucket will not be used. Generally, the driver will pull the track back to the guide wheel with steel wire rope, and rotate the driving wheel repeatedly. After several times, the track can be basically installed back to its original position (the roller position needs to be installed by side jacking and idling the track).

       In the first way, for drivers, the difficulty coefficient can be ignored. After several operations, the experience is quite old-fashioned, but it is difficult for novices to give lectures. Therefore, we will introduce a simpler way.

       The second kind: with the help of steel pipe

       ▊ 1) firstly, remove the tightening oil cylinder and put the grease. Then, take local materials and look for tools with proper length such as steel pipe. If there is no such tool, wooden stick can be used.

       ▊ 2) next, using the lever principle, the steel pipe is pinned with a bucket, and the butter is squeezed out by retreating; then the chain at the towing wheel is straightened by using the steel pipe.

       ▊ 3) continue to use the bucket to hold the steel pipe, use the rotating force to make it unable to generate any more force. Slowly back up and hear a click sound. Repeat the above action until the track is installed back to its original position


       No matter which way, I always feel that the difficulty coefficient is large at the beginning of learning, the operation is stagnant, and the installation can not always be in place. One trick is to install the guide wheel and driving wheel well, and the track installation is more than half completed!