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Problems of roller
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        A. The wheel body is worn. The reason for this situation is that the steel used is not qualified, or the hardness of the material during heat treatment is low, and the wear resistance is lack;

        B. Oil leakage. The bearing wheel shaft is continuously rotating through the shaft sleeve, and the wheel body should be lubricated to be smooth. However, if the sealing ring is not good, it is easy to cause oil leakage. In this way, the shaft and the shaft sleeve are easy to wear and tear under the condition of no smoothness, forming that the product cannot be stopped using.

        There are several reasons for oil leakage

        1. Unqualified floating oil seal

        2. The roundness of shaft sleeve is not enough

        3. The gloss of the support shaft is not enough

        4. Gear oil not up to standard

        5. The problem of machining dimension tolerance and so on will result in the oil leakage of the roller.