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Maintenance of important parts of excavator
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        Maintenance of important parts of excavator.

        1、 Roller

        In the operation, it is necessary to prevent the supporting wheel from soaking in the coal slime water for a long time.

        After the completion of daily operation, one side of the track should be propped up to drive the walking motor to throw away the coal, soil, gravel and other debris on the track.

        In winter construction, we must adhere to the boring of the supporting wheel, because there is a floating seal between the outer wheel and the shaft of the supporting wheel. If there is water, it will form ice at night. When the explosion-proof excavator is used in the mobile coal mine the next day, the seal and the ice will be scratched and cause oil leakage.

        The damage of the roller will cause many problems, such as walking deviation, walking weakness and so on.

        2、 Carrier wheel

        The carrier roller is located on the top of the X frame, and the effect is to adhere to the linear movement of the chain rail. If the carrier roller is damaged, the track chain rail can not adhere to the straight line.

        The supporting roller is a one-time injection of lubricating oil. If there is oil leakage, it can only be replaced with a new one. During the operation, the support wheel should be prevented from being immersed in muddy water for a long time. Generally, the cleaning of the X-frame inclined platform should be adhered to, and too much coal soil and gravel should not be accumulated to prevent the roller from rolling.

        3、 Guide wheel

        The guide wheel is located in the front of the X frame. It is composed of the guide wheel and the tension spring installed inside the X frame.

        In the process of operation and walking, the guide wheel should be kept in front, so as to prevent abnormal wear of the chain rail. The tension spring can also absorb the impact of the road surface in the operation and reduce the wear.

        4、 Driving wheel

        The driving wheel is located at the rear of the X-frame, because it is directly fixed on the X-frame and has no shock absorption function. Assuming that the driving wheel moves forward, it will not only cause abnormal wear to the drive gear ring and chain rail, but also have adverse effects on the X-frame. The X-frame may have problems such as early cracking.

        The travel motor guard plate can maintain the motor. Together with the internal space, there will be some soil and gravel, which will wear the oil pipe of the walking motor. The water in the coal soil will corrode the joint of the oil pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly open the guard plate to clean up the dirt inside.

        5、 Track

        The track is mainly composed of track shoe and chain rail link, and the track shoe is divided into standard plate and extension plate. The standard plate is used for earthwork condition, and the extended plate is used for wetland condition.

        The wear of crawler shoe is serious in underground mine. When walking, the crushed stone will be stuck in the gap between the two plates. When turning to touch the ground, the two plates will be kneaded, and the track plate will be simply twisted and deformed. Long term walking will also lead to cracking of the bolt fixing part of the track plate.

        The chain rail link is touched with the drive ring gear, which is driven by the ring gear to rotate. If the track tension is too tight, the chain rail link, gear ring and guide wheel will be worn in the early stage. Therefore, according to the different construction road conditions, the track tension should be adjusted.

(article from Baijia)