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How to choose crawler of excavator
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        Crawler is an important part of excavator walking device, which is often divided into two categories: rubber track and steel track. Rubber track is often used in small and micro excavators, while steel track is used in medium and large excavators. These two kinds of tracks have their own advantages and can play a greater role in different working environment.

        Rubber track is a kind of wear and tear after height design. The whole continuous crawler is mainly molded with rubber, and its core is reinforced with fabric and several steel wire ropes. There are shoes on the outside and transmission parts on the inside. Steel transmission parts embedded in vulcanized rubber belt, so it is not as vulnerable as you think. Because it is made of rubber, it is light in quality, so that the equipment can adapt to more working environment without damaging the road surface, especially the main choice of such work on roads, fields, wetland orchards and farmland. The light weight also reduces the burden of oil consumption. However, due to the non abrasion resistance of rubber, this kind of crawler equipment is not suitable for mining in mountainous areas. Frequent replacement of tracks will only increase the cost and extend the construction period. When the rubber crawler equipment is running, the friction mode between its wheels and the track is mainly the friction between the steel parts and the rubber, so the vibration and noise of the tracked vehicle are reduced, thus reducing the fatigue degree of the driver and prolonging the service life of the mechanical equipment.

        The steel track is made of hard material and is composed of many small segments. Therefore, the service range and service life are relatively longer, and the selection of working conditions is wider. This kind of crawler has good wear resistance, enough strength and stiffness, and is often used in mountain mining area and other common working environment. Because of the good adhesion performance between the track and the ground, it can ensure enough traction and reduce the driving and steering resistance, but the road surface is easy to be damaged due to the weight. When the steel crawler equipment is running, the friction mode between the wheels and the crawler is mainly the friction between the steel parts, so the vibration and noise are large.

        Compared with the two, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The selection of equipment should be determined according to the actual work requirements. It is not allowed to blindly pursue the rod or reject which equipment.