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One pipe burst after another? These points certainly did not do!
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The high temperature in summer brings numerous troubles to excavators. The common problems such as the high temperature of hydraulic oil and the high water temperature of the engine have caught everyone by surprise, not to mention the thorny problems such as the oil pipe explosion from time to time.

Many excavators have experienced this kind of pipe blasting problem. When the fault occurs, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is to replace the oil pipe, but they have not thought about what caused the pipe blasting. Here are the reasons for the pipe blasting one by one.

1. Tubing aging

Generally, there are few cases of pipe explosion in new cars. They are all caused by oil leakage and pipe explosion after the excavator has been in use for 4-5 years. This is actually caused by the aging of the pipe, which is actually very common.

Under normal circumstances, replace the broken oil pipe. In fact, replace the whole oil pipe of the car, which can save the downtime after the explosion of the pipe.

High frequency vibration

Hydraulic pumps and motors and other working devices have vibration when working, such high frequency vibration can not be completely removed, long-term abnormal vibration will lead to fatigue wear of hydraulic tubing, therefore, it is necessary to check the pipe clamp and protective sleeve of hydraulic tubing frequently.

If the hydraulic oil is insufficient, there will be suction empty phenomenon, will also cause a lot of vibration.

Contact with oil

Most of the external hydraulic pipe has a certain corrosion resistance, but rubber products long-term exposure to diesel and other oils will make rubber hose deterioration, have a certain corrosion impact, try not to let the hose contact these oils, should keep clean.

General rubber tubing long-term contact, immersion in waste oil products will lead to corrosion aging, later will lead to pipe burst.

Iv. Excessive pipeline pressure

Hydraulic pipe often appear tube explosion phenomenon, need to consider whether due to the hydraulic system pressure is too large and lead to hydraulic pipe explosion, this situation must be measured with the pressure gauge corresponding to the pipeline pressure is too large.

If the pipeline pressure is too high, check the corresponding overflow valve and other components, adjust to the appropriate pressure.

High temperature of hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil often high temperature, replace the quality of substandard hydraulic tubing, will appear tube explosion this phenomenon, in the excavator daily work must pay attention to whether the temperature of hydraulic oil is too high.

High temperature will not only affect the tubing, but also affect the service life of hydraulic components.


After all, summer is the appropriate season for excavator construction, and the income base of a year is laid at this time. Therefore, most of them will directly replace the broken pipe.

But few people to understand the root cause of the explosion pipe is what, that is why even if the replacement of new tubing, shortly after the explosion, so the above reasons we must pay enough attention to!

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