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How does excavator burn oil to deal with?
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Digging friends are worried about the excavator and excavator parts fault, and burning oil is one of the more serious problems in the excavator engine fault, the phenomenon of burning oil is, the oil consumption of the excavator increases unusually, the engine in the operation with blue black smoke phenomenon, burning oil is the oil into combustion.

Causes of oil burning in excavator:

1. Piston ring wear, valve clearance, valve guide clearance, piston installation error and other reasons

2. Engine oil burning phenomenon is accompanied by lower exhaust droplet phenomenon: the gap between cylinder liner and piston is too large, or the piston oil ring is stuck or broken

3. Burning oil, if the exhaust is not very serious, may be caused by the turbocharger seal is not tight

4. The valve oil seal of excavator engine is not good, which will also cause the phenomenon of engine oil burning in excavator

5. Too much oil

Common treatment methods for excavator oil burning:

1. Remove the pipe from both ends of the turbo to see if there is any oil

2. Check the supercharged turbine and loosen the hose at both ends of the inlet and outlet to see if it is dry. If oil is found, there may be a problem with the turbine and the oil will go from the turbine to the exhaust pipe.

3. Check the dredge engine exhaust pipe exhaust gas is not heavy, normal should only see light smoke, if the exhaust gas is very heavy, serious or even dripping oil, it is time to repair the dredge engine.

4. Turbine channeling oil is mainly to check the exhaust pipe

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