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The excavator moves and turns without movement
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Cause of no movement fault of excavator when walking or turning:

A, the engine and the hydraulic pump between the coupling damage caused by the hydraulic pump no power output, this phenomenon is easier to check, mainly feel the hydraulic pump pipeline whether there is pulse type vibration.

If not, check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is circulating. If the tubing is not vibrating and the hydraulic oil is not circulating, then the coupling is definitely damaged.

Two, if the lack of hydraulic oil will also lead to the whole car did not move, this time can observe whether the hydraulic oil is enough, if not enough need to supplement the hydraulic oil, if it is a sudden lack of hydraulic oil, then in the supplement of hydraulic oil, must first look at where the oil leak is caused.

It is common to see oil leakage in hydraulic tubing and traveling motor. After searching and determining the location of oil leakage, repair it and then replenish the hydraulic oil.

3. The main relief valve is always in the open state. This situation is mainly caused by more impurities in the hydraulic oil, which results in the main relief valve stuck in the normally open state.

Four, anquan solenoid valve and spool damage will also lead to no action, if the anquan solenoid valve damage, unable to suction the spool, then will lead to the pilot system no control oil, so there is no way to control the main control valve spool, so there will be no action.

If the anquan solenoid valve spool is stuck, no matter how good or bad the anquan solenoid valve is, the spool has no action and the pilot system will have no control oil and no way to make the excavator work.

5. If the anquan switch is damaged, there will be no control signal to reach the anquan solenoid valve to suck the valve core, it will also cause no action of the excavator, directly replace the new one when encountering this problem, and adjust the position so that it can be used normally.


In the daily construction process, most drivers or bosses will choose to stop the machine and wait for maintenance personnel if they encounter a troublesome fault such as no movement of the whole car.

But in fact, as long as we thoroughly observe the fault phenomenon, we can check the cause of the fault by ourselves, which can save time and reduce the loss caused by the fault.

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